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Building a better business: a blueprint for success

Shaky ground has been par for the business course over the past few years. If it hasn’t been one thing (Covid!), it’s been another (increasing fuel prices, a drop in consumer confidence, rising inflation – take your pick). Amid these external pressures, it’s not uncommon for businesses to be experiencing a downturn. But how can you pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and, once identified, how can you fix it and get your business back on track?

Supporting businesses with our Better Business Program

In supporting businesses that aren’t currently quite where they’d like to be, here at Momentum Financial Group we prefer to take a holistic approach. After all, business pain points aren’t always found in the numbers, and a company shouldn’t be defined by a P&L statement alone. To assist small, SME and multi-owner businesses to de-risk and operate a ‘better business’ (one that builds your wealth, keeps your big picture in mind and DOESN’T keep you up at night), our innovative BBP advisory service includes:

A business risk survey

This brief and intuitive questionnaire will help to identify and assess key risks in your business, culminating in a customised Business Risks Scorecard.

A risk and value driver assessment

Following on from your business risks exploration, we will perform a comprehensive review of risk and value drivers that are currently affecting (or likely to affect) your business’ performance. Operational risk drivers can include industry trends; growth and competition; systems and technology; ownership structures; staffing; and succession planning. This assessment is a way to pinpoint where your business is sitting currently across a range of measures, while also starting to pin down your ‘Where to from here?’ journey.

A SWOT workshop and analysis

Our face-to-face workshop will hone in on your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This collaborative analysis will engage you, your staff and other key stakeholders in creating a shared vision to improve the performance of your business. And don’t worry – we’ll definitely cut to the chase and ask the critical questions to ensure your business is ready to maximise its potential.

A business improvement plan report

There’s no use in investigating and analysing your business if the information isn’t put to clear and concise use. And drawing the various threads of information together is where we excel! After your SWOT workshop, our experienced team will assemble a comprehensive Business Improvement Plan Report that will benchmark your risk score against similar businesses, summarise your SWOT analysis, and define your unique business improvement strategies. This report will provide a framework for you to address key operational and strategic challenges, giving you both the freedom and the focus to take your business to the next level.

CFO program and sounding board solutions

With your business improvement plan in hand, now the hard work starts – and we’re here to support you each step of the way! A great business knows the benefits of talking things through, and we can act as an ongoing sounding board as you implement your business action plans and realise your goals. We’re also available to streamline and automate your bookkeeping and administration; secure your assets with asset protection advice; help you out with government ‘red tape’; and even step in as a virtual CFO when you need specialised financial management planning.

Better business advice in Geelong, Melbourne and Regional Victoria

Our leading-edge Better Business Program is designed to investigate your business NOW, determine WHERE you want it to be, and outline HOW you’ll get there. Working with businesses in Geelong and around Victoria, we’re excited to partner with you as you steer your business towards new opportunities, greater profitability and financial success.

Get the most out of your investment in your business and contact us online or give the team a call on (03) 5222 6688 to get more information and to sign up to the Momentum Financial Group Better Business Program.