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Business Recovery Program

Fix key risk and value drivers to get your business back on track

Our Business Recovery Program will help you develop your own Recovery Plan. It is a 3-step Program.

The business landscape has shifted significantly. Non-financial internal and external risks, most notably COVID-19, have had a devastating impact on businesses with many having to close and face the prospect of never re-opening.

Our new research confirms SMEs that survive have plans in place. Businesses that identify, adapt and take advantage of opportunities will emerge stronger.

To survive and then recover, business owners need to develop a plan that goes beyond profit and loss and/or cash flow budgeting and forecasting.

Recovery and re-growth planning involves analysing and fixing key risk and value drivers in your business that, when addressed and resolved will protect one of your major sources of income and wealth


Business Recovery Program

Step One

Start your recovery plan by completing our free Short Risk and Value Driver Assessment (RAVDA) to identify key Non-financial risks.

Risk Diagnostic
Based on your responses to the Short RAVDA, data analytics will pinpoint areas of high concerns and value drivers you need to focus on to stabilise and grow your business.

Step Two

Register for an online planning workshop to prepare your own Business Recovery Plan Report.

Workshop & Report
The online group workshop is facilitated by one of our business advisory specialists. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to generate a Report that includes SME sector benchmarks and research statistics, your business’s SWOT analysis along with goals, strategies and action items with implementation timelines.

Step Three

Recieve ongoing advice and support to implement your recovery and re-growth action items.

Support Packages
We offer a range of support packages that can be tailored to your individual needs and budget,

Take Back Control

We are facing unprecedented challenges, but together we can work out a way through and beyond this crisis.

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